Pictures from Northern Africa (Morocco)


The tall minaret from a mosque in Casablanca. To get an idea of the size, check out the picture next to this one, where I'm sitting in one of the little fountains at the botttom of the minaret. Or, if you look (very) carefully at the main picture, you can see some people in the first opening to the left of the left fountain.

minaret fountain
kidsAll those kids and I had just finished a game of street soccer in Rabat. The kid in the center of the bottom row had been very persistent in trying to be our paid guide. We kept saying no, and joking about how he should invite us to his house for dinner. Eventually, he asked me to play soccer with him and the other boys.

They had some plastic bags tied with some string into a ball, and that was what we played with.
Amazingly, we did end up at his place for dinner a few nights later. His family kept inviting us back over and over again. We also ate with the family of the kid on the bottom right. The whole time we were in Rabat we were asked to share meals with these families. Tons of couscous, and gallons of tea. The "guide's" family is below (he himself was out watching a soccer match).
Moroccan friends

Inside a mosque Here's a litle peek inside the opening of a mosque. This is not a secret area, but just a place to wash before praying.

Sorry, that's all I've done so far. More later....

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