Pictures from Southern Africa

South Africa, and a bull elephant. He wasn't at all hapy about our presence, so we didn't hang around long.

My pal Neil, who I met in Malaysia, is a ranger out there in Kruger National park. He took us out driving, to see what we could see. It was much different than when we were canoeing and camping along the Zambezi. I mean, the wildlife is wild in Kruger, too...

But there's something antiseptic about being in a car the whole time.
Still, this elephant was no circus performer.

beach Wow. The beach, and private as can be. This is Mozambique, and it was all ours.

We did have some rough times near this beach. We watched a villager head-butt his own wife. She bled and bled.
But the beaches, the beaches were nice.

giraffe hut
Here's a giraffe we found having a nibble. This is the hut we lived in near the beach in Mozambique. Except for letting in the mosquitoes, it was ok. In the right of the picture, you can see the black container for our shower water. Open a valve, and sun-warmed (or not!) water would come out.
Here's a little picture of Pauline and me standing above a cliff, and there's nothing but fog and the plains below us. Since there was nothing but fog and the plains below, I cropped all that, and you can just have a look at us. Several impala, and a wild boar. The impala were called the "Big Mac" of game, because they were the most common kill in the bush.
Rob and Pauline Impala and wild boar
View from Table Mountain
The extraordinary view from the top of Table Mountain, looking out toward the Cape of Good Hope.

Driving through Kruger park, we noticed a small, man-made drainage ditch with some hyena cubs hiding out in the shade. Click the picture to see it enlarged and sharpened up a bit. I'm amazed at how well their coats match the rocks behind them.

These girls are (from left to right): Nikki, Jacolene, and Ida. Nikki is Australian, and was visiting her South African penpal, Ida. Jacolene is Ida's sister.

Pronounce those names as |yah-koh-leen| and |ee-dah| (If you need help pronouncing Nikki's name, then get it somewhere else.) Several weeks later, Jac and Ida invited me to visit them on their farm. I had a great time.

Last I heard, Jacolene was a mom, and Ida was in Mexico, studying. Nikki's back in Australia.

Above we have Neil and me, standing as close as we dared to a cliff in Nellspruit, S. Africa. On the right is a silly idea I had to cook everyone a breakfast of a single ostrich egg. There were plenty of leftovers, I can tell you.

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