Israel and Turkey

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Kibbutz group
Simon Florina Raphael Michael
Trina Gillian Fanny David
Orith ME Elisa
It was Christmas day in the Negev desert in Israel. This was my first hot Christmas, soon to be followed by my first hot New Year's. The sign I'm holding didn't come out, but it just says, "Today is December 25th, 1993."
Me on the bongo Elisa, Fanny, Orith, and Ben
There I am, playing the bongo. No, I can't play the the bongo.
The picture on the right is (from left to right), Elisa, Fanny, Orith, and Ben.
Just outside the walls of the kibbutz was a large wadi. For most of the year, water ran here, maintaining a band of plant life in a mostly barren desert. (Click to read about the wadi.)
Some soldiers in a Tel Aviv ice cream shop. Israeli soldiers carry their guns everywhere.

To the right are Fanny and Elisa (with Yan in the background).

Below is Limoor up in a tree near the Wadi. Elisa and I were out walking around, when we looked up to see her perched like a jaguar.


Above is the Davidesco clan and me at the "Flour Caves" (so named because the rock is very soft, leaving white powder on your hands if you touch it).

The top row (left to right) is me, Yanai, Ronin, Zoar, Dalia. The bottom row (left to right) is Yakir, Il Il, and Etan. I don't know if I'm spelling their names correctly. I only saw them written in Hebrew.

Below is the swimming pool. It was closed the entire time that I was there, so apparently only the peacocks were allowed to use it. I don't kow what those peacocks were doing there, and (amazingly) I never asked.

I've heard of them being used as natural alarms (they're very loud), so maybe they were supposed to start screaming if a little kid somehow made it past the fence and started toward the water.

This is the Aya Sophia, or Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul. I loved this mosque (which used to be a church). To read text about my personal impressions of the Aya Sophia, click here.

These two pictures are also from Turkey, in a place called Göreme.

That's Mick on the left, Dave in the middle, and I'm next to Dave. (Click here to see text about Göreme, Mick, and Dave.)

In the picture to the right, you can see some of the crazy formations that makes the place famous. I took that picture from inside one of those formations.

Hey, that's it for now. Hopefully, I'll have more later.

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