About this site

Ok. This is not a travel guide, God knows there are enough of them around. They're always the most comprehensive, up-to-date, etc. etc. book on the market. They always have the best information for the budget, business, tourist, traveler who wants to see the sights, get off the beaten track, stay on the beaten track, take a tour, go it alone. I know a lot about travel guides, and I'm completely confident that this is not one.

Oh, you know, I can, like, give you travel tips and stuff. Get a good towel. Relax. Eat more vegetables. Stuff like that. But if you're looking for the best mid-range hotel in Brasov, Romania, well, you came to wrong place. I have no idea if there is a mid-range hotel in Brasov, let alone its address or phone number. Ok, I could look it up in my travel guide, and tell you, but really, you'd only be hurting yourself by cheating, wouldn't you?

So what's the point of it?

Um, well, the site's just sort of about my trip, that's all. I have no idea what you'll get out of it. Sorry.

And me? I'm just this guy who went on a long trip. I was backpacking around for about five and a half years, which is a long time to live on a strict budget and sleep in a strange bed. I saw a lot of stuff, and I noticed a lot of things about people in general, as well as specific things about individual people. So I wanted to leave a record of it all. It's just for me, I guess, and anyone else who might find it interesting.

So there ya go. Explore, if you want, and let me know what you thought of the place.


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